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Few words about security and usage of our tool

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Usage is simple, just follow onscreen instructions and don’t forget to give you email you registered in Clash of clans. Another important message is that you should restart your device after applying Clash of clans hack. It is fast, but in some rare cases it can take up to 24-48 hours you will see the result (less than 2% of our database queries).
clash of clans hack

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Introduction to Clash of clans hack

Clash of Clans is an amazing technique game, which requires you to build your own village and defend it. You can dominate the world and fights towards thousands of players from around the globe. It is no real surprise that this game is hugely famous with gaming veterans and newbies alike.
The only issue is that whenever there are so many gamers involved in the game, it is difficult to get an edge above them, specifically if you do not know any unique tricks. Should you be looking for these kinds of tricks, the good thing is that you have came on the ideal article. Continue reading so that you never have to mull more than strategies on earning gold and elixir in Clash of Clans. Here are some super cool Clash of Clans cheats.

Absolutely free Elixir

If you are enjoying Clash of Clans, you love precious metal and elixir. We have two very great tips to provide you with for getting free Elixir in the activity. You can have these Elixirs consistently coming in and this too absolutely free!


This particular Clash of Clans hack is only going to work once you have less than 3o seconds accessible before your troop is upgraded to some complete army. Before that 30-second mark, you are meant to signal the troop that you are currently upgrading. Ensure before this which you have a full army already. Once the upgrade is completed, you need the troops to get untrained there is your completely free elixir! Check out the second suggestion.


Have you ever often wondered how can you save your Elixir when you are offline? Then this is the idea you should read through. This tip will work when all of your camps are full. Move forward with satisfying your barracks with bombers. When you have completed doing this, you are able to go off-line. When you go on the internet again, un-load your barracks before you continue onto performing anything else and you will definitely get all of your Elixirs back once more.

clash of clans hack

A super-cool Harvesting Trick

The Clash of Clans cheats for farming are as basic as ABC. All you want do is keep your amount of trophies at less than 200 and farm through goblins. You must understand the match-making system in the game depends upon the total amount of trophies you have. Since accomplished and high-level gamers have a large number of trophies, they may be matched with players who are on the same competition level. For that reason, to get simple opponents, you need to keep your amount of trophies reduced.


These were our some incredibly cool Clash of Clans hack tips that can help you go a long way within the game. You are now ready to farm and earn gold and elixir! And remember Clash of clans hack we provide to you is useless until you will know how to play Clash of clans and until you develop your own strategy! And here is link for android version of Clash of clans.